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VERGE Collective with Marian Drew, Depth of Field #2, 2017



“You’ve arrived, and are still moving.

June, Summer’s sipping firstborn.

Nature’s projector is pouring. Daylit night. You take a lucky dip into the picture pond, and, wading in the passageway, waiting is risk, is play.”

– Kat Nancy, Curator


Alyssa Bornn (WPG)
Elise Dawson (WPG)
Julia Scott Green (AU)
Kai Wasikowski (AU)
The Sunroom Collective (AU/WPG)
VERGE Collective with Marian Drew (AU)



Alyssa Bornn is a multidisciplinary visual artist currently completing her BFA at the University of Manitoba. Her practice utilizes traditional photographic methods alongside alternative modes of image capturing to explore tropes and themes of domestic nostalgia, intimate space, the process of preservation/archiving and the shortcomings inherent of all the above. In her performance and film work she manipulates the mechanics of projection to create ephemeral studies of light and sound. She is a committee member of Flux Gallery and a collective member of Open City Cinema.

Elise Dawson is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba and a graduate of University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Art. Caught between grief and self-aware humour, her interdisciplinary work seeks tension through collective processes of vulnerability and witnessing. Her first collection of poetry, “SEX DEATH AND/” is a raw examination of loss and desire. Her installation, poetry, and performance visibilize her process of contemplating and healing her relationship with her father, men in general, and with dear friends who have died. Dawson’s work draws from the conflict bred in her obsession with validation and creates intimate relational environments for growing.

Julia Scott Green is an Australian photographer and communications educator. She graduated with Honours in Photography from the Queensland College of Art in 2012, and currently teaches within the School of Communication and Arts at The University of Queensland. Her practice spans experimental photomedia image making, documentary style visual storytelling, commercial photography projects, and multisensory installation.

Kai Wasikowski is an artist based in Sydney whose work considers what it means to be ecologically aware. With an experimental approach to photographic processes, Kai’s practice incorporates readymade materials and multimedia to draw together signifiers of technology and nature, exploring the increasing intimacy of these terms and the emotional environments their meshing creates. Wasikowski recently completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours with University Medal) at the Sydney College of the Arts in 2016 where he was awarded the Deans Award for Honours and the Artereal Gallery Mentoring Award. Kai’s work has been exhibited in local and international exhibitions in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Berlin and Singapore. In mid 2017 Kai’s work was shown in Hatched: National Graduate Show at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts where he was awarded the 2017 Schenberg Art Fellowship and a year long Mentorship with Mikala Tai, Director, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

VERGE Collective is a recently established all female collective formed by six emerging photo and new media artists currently living and working in Brisbane and surrounds. The collective aims to initiate and implement artistic and professional development opportunities tailored to support its female members who manage work and family commitments as they seek to consolidate their emerging practices. VERGE members seek to create their own professional development opportunities, since many mainstream creative opportunities are directed at young artists. Working within a group dynamic will further assist VERGE members to share and discuss their creative ideas with other like-minded artists and professionals working in photography and new media.

Marian Drew, born in 1960, Bundaberg, is one of Australia’s most significant contemporary photographic artists. Drew’s practice, spanning more than twenty years, is characterised by innovation and exploration of photo-media. Drew has held over 20 solo shows across Australia, United States, France and Germany and is currently represented by galleries in United States and Australia. Her work is held is many major public and private collections across Australia including Australian National Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery, South Australian Art Gallery and in the J. Paul Getty Museum in the USA.














*Complete documentation of Passage coming soon

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